Superstorm Sandy can’t stop the delivery of fresh New York bagels

Joe Cino

While our Oceanside store was without power for almost two weeks, our Bethpage retail store and production facility was down for just a short spell and our nationwide New York fresh bagel delivery resumed within a few days.  For two weeks, we were busy providing coffee and our bagels and cream cheese to so many of the workers who were here from all over the country restoring power to our neighborhoods as quickly as possible.  And now with Sandy gone and the holidays right before us, we are in full gear to send out all of our bagel packages (City Survival Kit has a whole new meaning now) along with homemade spreads, coffees and NY-style cookies to doors nationwide.

Those who experienced the wrath of Sandy first-hand and are fortunate to have their homes and businesses intact have a whole lot more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.


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